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Here is a statement (February 22, 1972) from J. Edgar Hoover, the longtime head of the FBI: “The investigation of UFOs is not and never has been a matter within the investigative jurisdiction of the FBI.” As noted in my movie UFOS ARE Real  and in the book UFO-FBI Connection  (Ref. 9) by Dr. Bruce Maccabee, Hoover was able to obtain more than 1600 pages of FBI files about UFOs back in the late 1970s. Nick Redfern in his book The F.B.I. Files: The FBI’s UFO TOP SECRETS EXPOSED  (Ref.10.) also notes FBI involvement in detail. Even Colonel Weaver quoted from an FBI memo about Roswell though in a grossly misleading
fashion. How about the CIA? Is Colonel Shubert really unaware that a suit brought against the CIA by Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (back in the 1970s) brought forth 900 pages of UFO material (after LIES that they had nothing) and a list of 57 documents from several other agencies including the State Department and the Defense Intelligence Agency? Eighteen of the documents listed were from the National Security Agency, which after considerable prodding from the courts as described above “released” 160 of its own UFO documents. They were almost entirely whited out.

There is also a funny story about the FBI and UFOs. I had written back in 1988 to both the CIA and FBI, under Freedom of Information and the Privacy Act, for any and all files they had on me. I provided my full name, Stanton Terry Friedman, date and place of birth, the fact that I had a Q security clearance from 1956 until 1970, etc. I know from talking to friends that had been interrogated by the FBI for my initial clearance and renewals five and ten years later, that the FBI had conducted the investigations. However, the FBI wrote saying they had no file on me. A LIE. Then the CIA responded that all they had on me was a negative name check request from the FBI and gave the file number. I sent a copy of the small CIA response to the FBI and asked that they recheck their files. They responded that indeed they did have a file, but it was classified. I asked how big the file was and at what level it was classified (I doubt if it was TOP SECRET RESTRICTED like the Cutler-Twining memo). They responded saying that both the size and level of classification of my file were classified. Eventually Larry Bryant, with my permission, was able to get a small portion of my file. The passport records were noted. At one point it appears as though they thought Stanton was Terry’s brother! It is hard to believe that they are totally incompetent … just arrogant in thinking they can get away with LYING.


The CIA, not surprisingly, has also LIED. When they were first approached by CAUS for UFO documents, they claimed their only involvement with UFOs had been in the Robertson Panel of 1953 and that they had no other UFO documents. Their 900 pages of released UFO documents (none of it classified higher than secret) proved that was a LIE. When the NSA finally did a court-ordered search, not only did they find their own 160 old UFO documents, but they also found 23 more from the CIA, which somehow hadn’t found them in its court-ordered search. In other words the CIA LIED to a federal court judge. It took me two years to get nine of those (they’re supposed to provide FOIA responses in ten working days). They were unclassified English translations of Eastern European newspaper articles about UFOs. It took another three years in response to my appeal to get four more very heavily censored CIA TOP SECRET Code word UFO documents. On two, one could read only eight words that weren’t blacked out. One said “DENY in TOTO!” I am convinced that the CIA also LIED when they claimed they had nothing in response to an FOIA request from me for any information related to four national security briefings provided to President Elect Dwight Eisenhower by DCI Walter B. Smith between November 4, 1952, and January 9, 1953. I had given the CIA dates and times of two of the briefings and a copy of the letter from Smith to President Truman describing that he had kept Ike abreast of national security matters. The CIA in response to my appeal said they still had nothing. It is impossible for me to believe there was no record of four such high level briefings which we know took place according to a letter found at the Truman Library. They LIED.

There were also a number of LIES in a paper by CIA Historian Gerald Haines in 1997, “CIA’s Role in the Study of UFOs.” For example, it was stated that the U-2 and Oxcart (Spy Plane) projects were responsible for over half of the UFO sightings from the late 1950s and 1960s. Dr. Bruce Maccabee has checked the statistics and there was no increase when they started flying. Surely these high altitude aircraft were never observed to appear to be round, able to hover, to move straight up and down, to make right angle turns all without noise or visible external engines or wings or to land and take off vertically as so many UFOs can. Haines said the first wave of UFO sightings was in 1947. Sweden had a huge wave in 1946. Haines says there are no original MJ-12 documents. He LIED. The Cutler Twining memo is at the National Archives. It is stated that 57 UFO documents were withheld because of national security and sources and methods. LIE. They were withheld because they originated from other agencies. Haines states “most scientists dismissed flying saucers as a quaint part of the 1950s and 1960s….” He provides no data. Polls taken for more than 30 years have shown that the greater the education the MORE likely to accept UFO reality. Two polls of engineers and scientists involved in research and development activities showed that more than 60% of those who expressed an opinion said they were likely real.

The NAVY has LIED in claiming they have no information on UFOs, even after I sent a formerly TOP SECRET UFO report by the Navy and the Air Force. They found it interesting, but they still had nothing!

An interesting LIE illustrates the need for cover up of TOP SECRET data in documents having a lower classification. USAAF General Nathan F. Twining was commanding officer of the Air Materiel Command in July, 1947. According to his flight log, which I found in his papers at the Library of Congress Manuscript Division, as confirmed by the flight log of his pilot, which I was allowed to copy, he spent the week of July 7-11, 1947 in New Mexico and had obviously been tasked to look into UFOs. In his famous letter of September 23, 1947, to the Commanding General of Army Air Forces, he stated “Due consideration must be given to the following: … (2) The lack of physical evidence in the shape of crash recovered exhibits which would undeniably prove the existence of these objects.”

Many have claimed that this statement proves that no alien craft wreckage had been found in New Mexico in July. They ignore the fact that this letter had been only classified SECRET. Clearly crash wreckage would have been TOP SECRET Code word (note the NSA and CIA TS Code word UFO documents and an FBI memo claiming that the Air Force and Navy considered the subject of UFOs TOP SECRET). TOP SECRET material cannot be referenced in SECRET documents. Twining went on to be Chief of Staff of the USAF and then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. He certainly deserved his spot on Operation Majestic 12.

I by no means intend to imply that only government officials or employees lie about UFOs. Debunkers have often made false claims. A number of so called whistleblowers have lied repeatedly about their backgrounds. These include Robert Scott Lazar, who is not a scientist, did not get degrees from MIT or Caltech, did not work for Los Alamos (he worked for a subcontractor), did not figure out how saucers work, did not steal any element 114 or 115. Frank Kaufmann was not a Roswell witness. Guy Kirkwood, a.k.a. Mel Noel, was not an Air Force pilot who took pictures of UFOs from the air. Michael Wolf Kruvant had none of the six degrees he claimed, was not a colonel/pilot in the Air Force or a consultant to MJ-12. Lt. Colonel Philip Corso was not a member of the National Security Council, etc. etc.

One can understand lying to really protect national security such as was done after the successful Atomic Bomb test in New Mexico July 16, 1945, with a story that an ammunition dump had blown up and nobody was injured. But with all the (False) claims that UFOs are no threat to the security of the USA, how can they continue to lie? If they are a threat, don’t we as citizens of a democracy have the right to know? I, for one, don’t want technical data — such as could be used by Osama Ben Laden, or Iran, or North Korea for military purposes — to be put out on the table. I do think it is of extraordinary importance for the future of this planet that we recognize we are NOT alone. We all on this planet do have something in common much as we hate to admit it. We all are Earthlings. It is time we started acting like it.

Stanton Friedman


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