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Still going strong
(July 2017)

As I approach my 83rd birthday, I see a busy year coming. Big question is whether President Trump will jump in to the UFO scene in the USA.

I must say I was very encouraged by the great turnout (over 7000) at the 25th annual Festival in Roswell in early July. People were interested and were buying books. The Museum looks better than ever and visitors came from all over the world. The new book “Fact, Fiction, and Flying Saucers” by Kathleen Marden and myself is doing very well.The MUFON Conference in late July in Las Vegas was also well attended though many attendees were not sure they could accept the claims about a long term SECRET SPACE Program involving many trips by Americans, including Barack Obama, to MARS. I am certainly dubious after reading the papers. Time will tell.

Stanton Friedman

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Saturday–Sunday, June 23–24, 2018 / Dulce, NM

Dulce Base UFO Conference
Wildhorse Casino Event Center and Hotel
Several Speakers
For more info call Irene Willis
(800) 753-8543

Saturday–Thursday, January 06–11, 2018 / Tampa, FL

MUFON cruise to Grand Cayman Islands via Cozumel from Tampa, FL, on "Brilliance of the Seas."
Bay Harbor Hotel
2700 W. Courtney Campbell Causeway
Tampa 33607
I am one of five speakers. We will have our own on-board meeting room.
Gather at the Bay Harbor Hotel January 5th.

Friday–Sunday, July 06–08, 2018 / Roswell, NM

Annual Roswell UFO Festival
International UFO Museum and Research Center
Many Speakers including STF

Friday–Sunday, April 13–15, 2018 / Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Ozark Mountain UFO Conference
Best Western Inn of the Ozarks
Many Speakers including STF
(479) 738-2348

Spring 2018 / Vancouver, British Columbia

Formal Debate Between Stan Friedman and Michael Shermer, on stage
Chan Centre for the Performing Arts
6265 Crescent Road
Topic: "Is Earth Being Visited by Aliens?"
Rematch of a radio debate a decade ago on Coast to Coast Radio.
Listener vote then was 80% for Friedman, 20% for Shermer who is editor of SKEPTIC.
Sponsored by Pangburn Philosophies.
Rescheduled; date and time TBA.

Wednesday–Sunday, February 14–18, 2018 / Scottsdale, AZ

Annual International UFO Congress
We-ko-Pa Resort
10438 N. Fort McDowell Rd.
STF is a Keynote Speaker
(480) 789-5300

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