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Sometimes we get Surprises.
(November 2014)

I must admit I was surprised when I had a heart attack on June 27, 2014, fortunately at home in Fredericton, New Brunswick. I had gone 79 years and 11 months without spending over night in a hospital. Then I spent 6 nights total at hospitals in Fredericton and the excellent Cardiac Center in St. John, New Brunswick. I had two stents inserted and was bored stiff. Was most frustrated by the fact that the day after I returned home, Tropical Storm Arthur visited and knocked down 4000 trees in the Fredericton area and we had no power, or internet, or telephone service for a week. I am feeling fine now, and have given several lectures since. Unfortunately, I did have to miss the Annual Roswell, NM UFO Festival and the Annual MUFON Conference. My paper for the latter was included in the Conference Proceedings “Press Coverage of Flying Saucers: a Study in Laziness and Misrepresentation”. Since both my parents lived to age 90, I presume I have another ten years to go (he says optimistically). I am very grateful to all those who sent good wishes and for our excellent Canadian Medical Care system.

Much time has been spent fending off the false arguments of the Majestic 12 debunkers. I wish they would at least read my book “TOP SECRET/MAJIC” or my “Final Report on Operation Majestic 12” or my several related papers. I find that there are no good arguments against the reality of the Cutler Twining Memo, the Truman Forrestal Memo and the Eisenhower Briefing Document. Yes, there are many false documents which is about as useful as saying most isotopes aren’t fissionable or most people aren’t 7′ tall. I believe I have demolished all the debunking arguments. I do intend to prepare a comprehensive overview. I would be happy to hear of any arguments indicating the falsity of the 3 I named.

Stanton Friedman

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Wednesday–Sunday, February 18–22, 2015 / Scottsdale, AZ

24th Annual International UFO Congress
We-Ko-Pa Resort
10438 North Fort McDowell Road

Attending: Bob Lazar will be on stage

Wednesday February 25, 2015 / San Diego, CA

9 AM
Association of Electronics Industries Conference
California Convention Center

Thursday March 5, 2015 / SiriusXM radio Channel 167 Canada Talks

“What in the World” with Richard Garner
9 PM - 10 PM Eastern (10 PM - 11 PM Atlantic)

Saturday April 11, 2015 / Toronto, Ontario

10 AM — 5 PM
(Doors open at 8:30 - 10 AM)
Disclosure Canada Tour 2015 / Disclosure Toronto Event
JJR Macleod Auditorium MS2158
University of Toronto - Medical Sciences Building
2158-1 King’s College Circle

The tour and events will focus on the past, present and future of the truth embargo on the extraterrestrial presence issue. Presenters will address the history of the ET truth embargo including the participation in this embargo by Canada and other Commonwealth nations.


Friday–Saturday, May 15–16, 2015 / McMinnville, OR

16th Annual McMenamins UFO Fest
Hotel Oregon

Friday–Sunday, May 29–31, 2015 / Joshua Tree, CA

Contact in the Desert

Thursday–Sunday, June 25–28, 2015 / Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Alien Cosmic Expo
Conference, Best Western Plus Brant Park Inn

Thursday–Monday, July 2–6, 2015 / Roswell, NM

UFO Festival
International UFO Museum

Friday–Sunday, August 7–9, 2015 / Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada


Friday–Saturday, August 28–29, 2015 / Portland, ME

2015 Experiencers Speak Conference
Fireside Inn, 81 Riverside Street

Saturday–Sunday, September 5–6, 2015 / Exeter, NH

Exeter UFO Festival
50th Anniversary Celebration
Contact Bill Smith

Saturday–Sunday, September 19–20, 2015 / Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, England

UFO Truth Magazine Conference
Holmfirth Civic Hall

Thursday–Saturday, September 24–26, 2015 / Irvine, CA

2015 MUFON UFO Symposium
Jamboree Center, Hotel Irvine
“Expanding Ufology: Opening New Doors in Academia,Industry and the Media”