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Still going strong
(May 2016)

I am long overdue to thank all those who have written to wish me good health after finding out that I had a heart attack in June 2014. They say one can’t keep a good man down. So thanks for all the good wishes. I spent a week in hospital, had 2 stents implanted, and have been fine ever since. No twinges, no extra pills or nitro to take and I have kept busy. And am still travelling as you can see below. I did stop going to the gym on doctor’s orders, and no longer smoke cigars when driving over to my Post Office box in beautiful downtown Houlton, Maine.

I expect to be keeping busy as my publisher starts keeping myself and co-author Kathleen Marden busy promoting our new book to be published in September. My older books are, somewhat to my surprise, still selling well. They include “Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience” and “Science Was Wrong,” both with Kathleen and “Crash at Corona: The Definitive Story of the Roswell Incident” with Don Berliner, and my own “TOP SECRET/MAJIC” (all about Operation Majestic 12), and “Flying Saucers and Science” my cover-the-waterfront book about UFOs. I am sure there will be more about government UFO documents from John Podesta and Hillary Clinton.

Stanton Friedman

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Friday–Monday, July 1–4, 2016 / Roswell, NM

Annual UFO Festival
International UFO Museum and Research Center

Thursday–Sunday, August 25–28, 2016 / Orlando, FL

2016 MUFON Symposium

Saturday–Sunday, September 3–4, 2016 / Roswell, NM

International UFO Museum and Research Center
Programs with Donald Schmitt
info (575) 625-9495

Sunday September 18, 2016

Coast to Coast AM with George Knapp (1 AM to 5 AM EST / 10 PM to 2 AM PST)
Appearance, along with Kathleen Marden, to talk about our book Fact, Fiction, and Flying Saucers

Thursday–Sunday, October 6–9, 2016 / Mahnomen, MN

Paracon Conference
Shooting Star Casino

Saturday October 22, 2016 / Rio Rancho, NM 87144

1:00 PM — 6:30 PM
2016 UFO Conference
V. Sue Cleveland High School Concert Hall
4800 Laban Rd. NE

Keynote Speaker with John Gtreenewald Jr. and Erika Lukes
Contact Paul Garver

Saturday–Sunday, November 5–6, 2016 / Sofia, Bulgaria

1:00 PM — 6:30 PM
Contact with Extraterrestrial Civilizations and the New Paradign, future of Earth's civilization
Contact Profesor Lachezar Filipov

Saturday November 19, 2016 / Greensburg, PA 15601

MUFON Pittsburgh Conference
Ramada Inn
100 Ramada Inn Dr
info (724) 836-1266

Wednesday–Sunday, February 15–19, 2017 / Scottsdale, AZ 85264

2017 International UFO Congress
We-Ko-Pa Resort and Casino
10438 N Fort McDowell Rd