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The star 55 Cancri has the most confirmed planets so far of any other (excluding the sun).
The star 55 Cancri has the most confirmed planets so far of any other (excluding the sun). NASA Art
5. WHY would saucers crash?

Usually this is accompanied by a comment that it makes no sense that a sophisticated vehicle coming from many light years away could possibly crash. Please note that the vehicle could have come from a base on the back side of the moon, in the asteroid belt, on Mars or some alien “coaling station” in the local neighborhood. I once did 25 college lectures in 35 days in 15 states. I was gone all the time from when I left home until I returned rather than going back and forth to home after each lecture.

A. In the first place, there are many indications that what crashed at Roswell and in the Plains of San Agustin in New Mexico in early July, 1947, were small Earth excursion modules rather than the interstellar, very large vehicles (space carriers? mother ships?) which would have brought them to Earth just as our large aircraft carriers carry 75 or so small airplanes whose mode of propulsion is distinctly different from that of the carrier.

B. Secondly, when we examine major efforts by the Transportation Safety Board to determine the cause of aircraft crashes, we often find, after much effort, that it was simple unexpected things ranging from loose bolts, to ingested birds, to faulty wiring, to pilot error, to ice in the wrong place. It could have been very high atmospheric electricity levels because of storms or the great dryness of the desert air. Or unexpected high altitude hail. We know a radar set was on over at White Sands because of an impending rocket launch and the fact that it used vacuum tubes. This was a tracking radar pointed North. Crossing the beam might have led to a small hiccup in the control system for a magnetoaerodynamic propulsion system leading to a collision and subsequent collision of the lead saucer and its wingman’s saucer. Perhaps a US military rocket launched in the neighborhood might have inadvertently homed in on a saucer. Perhaps there was a momentary loss of attention when the Trinity highly radioactive site, at which the first atomic bomb was tested, was noted. We certainly have no reason to believe that aliens never make mistakes, or never run into the unexpected. Some day perhaps the government will release the report that was undoubtedly written as to the causes of the crashes. Just because we don’t have that report, it doesn’t mean the event didn’t take place.

6. WHY haven’t you seen a flying saucer?

I have no idea, though I have mostly lived in cities and am watching for traffic rather than looking to the skies. I check my audiences after my lectures and find that typically 10% have seen one, which covers many decades. Only 10% of those were reported. I have never seen Tokyo either or had polio or HIV. I know people who have seen Tokyo, had polio, or HIV. I spent many years chasing neutrons and gamma rays. Never saw one of them either. They are also real.

7. WHY do you say SETI stands for Silly Effort to Investigate?

Frankly I find that there is very little science behind the SETI effort. It is assumed that there are civilizations using communication technologies similar to ones we have developed to try to attract our attention. It assumes there is no colonization and no migration and that nobody is coming here. They assume that because it takes less energy to send signals than to travel, that nobody is traveling. Of course nobody flies from Newark to Hong Kong because the Internet and telephone is cheaper! Hah. It is all fancily dressed hogwash. They could easily be thousands or millions of years ahead of us. An AM radio doesn’t pick up FM signals. A German General just before the start of World War II in Europe noted (see Ref. 2) that the Brits were building a whole array of tall (more than 200') towers with cross pieces which he figured had to be part of a radar net. The Graf Zeppelin slowly moved parallel to the array and listened and found no signals. The frequency being used was 10 times higher than what the Germans were using and they fortunately were never aware of how well their planes were being tracked.

If civilizations, with a great deal of common heritage and similar background and access to similar science, can’t correctly predict the technique to be used by similar people a few hundred miles away, why assume we can second-guess aliens? They persistently say there is no evidence for UFOs, but always avoid dealing with the large scale scientific studies. Check their references. Look carefully at the Drake Equation, their Holy Grail. We have no way to determine the lifetime of a civilization, or the fraction of planets that have intelligent life or that develop technology. We have data on one “civilization” on one planet in one solar system. Real scientists don’t extrapolate or interpolate from one data point. The SETI people omit colonization and migration which could greatly lengthen the life span of a civilization. That is pseudoscience, no matter how many degreed professionals are involved. Admittedly, their job security is dependent on nobody coming here…

8. WHY hasn’t the government taken out Stan Friedman, if what he is saying about a Cosmic Watergate and overwhelming evidence that we have visitors is true?

Obviously I don’t speak for the government. I am careful in what I say, and I don’t break the law in seeking classified data from people with clearances. I may be doing exactly what they want, that is, preparing the public for the date when the great secret is released. I have never had an unlisted telephone number. It is in my books and on my website. All those lonely drives to Roswell would provide plenty of opportunity. My answering service is instructed to give out my travel information to callers. Frankly, I can’t live my life looking over my shoulder. Some have suggested I was too well known and that a sudden death would be suspicious…

9. WHY would people fake a bunch of MJ-12 documents?

I am not a psychiatrist, but I would suggest to enhance status;
to think “Gotcha”; or to disinform the public so that the fake documents would be an excuse for labeling such genuine documents as the Eisenhower Briefing Document, the Truman-Forrestal Memo, and the Cutler-Twining Memo as frauds. Or, perhaps, might it be to be able to claim that the proponents are stupid or are disinformation specialists? The same old tired false anti-MJ-12 arguments keep being put forth despite the fact that I have demonstrated that they are nonsense. The Majestic 12 article in Wikipedia is loaded with false and misleading claims. For example, in the 5000-word afterword in TOP SECRET/MAJIC 2nd Edition (2005), in “Update on Operation Majestic 12” (see, in “Roswell and the MJ-12 Documents in the New Millennium” (Ref.5), and in my “Review of Case MJ-12” also on my website I demolish the anti’s and show that other MJ-12 documents are fraudulent. Remember, one of the key rules for debunkers is “Don’t bother me with the facts, my mind is made up.” Another is “Do your research by proclamation, investigation is too much trouble and the public won’t know the difference.” I distinctly showed that at least seven of the supposed MJ-12 documents provided to Timothy Cooper are emulations of real documents published in books and generally available. They were retyped, much handwritten material was Xeroxed or scanned, and the two were combined. And there were often factual misstatements. Deuterium is not light hydrogen. Sandia is in New Mexico, while General Spaatz was not in New Mexico on July 7, 1947 (I found his flight log and a newspaper article and desk calendar indicating he was in Port Aransas, Texas, fishing).

Some of the statements from the phony emulations were repeated in other documents which means the latter ones were also phony. I have been told that when good information is leaked, bad is put out so as to confuse things and imply the real ones are phony: guilt by association. It is interesting that Colonel Richard Weaver, author of the grossly misleading USAF Book The Roswell Report: Truth vs. Fiction in the New Mexico Desert (see Ref. 5) had as his military specialty “Disinformation.” He provided the fiction.

10. WHY have you kept at it since reading Ruppelt’s book in 1958 and giving your first lecture in 1967?

I enjoy being on the stage and the very enthusiastic response I get from my audiences, especially from the technical societies. I am pleased when people tell me that they decided to teach a course about UFOs, after hearing me talk. I can think of no subject more important to the future for my children and grandson than the notion of an earthling orientation in the hope of helping stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons. What is more exciting than alien visitations and government cover-ups? I believe I bring a unique background to my presentations:

A. So far as I know I have worked on more cancelled high technology classified programs than anybody and so can deal with those silly “It would violate the laws of Physics” arguments. Not many have worked on nuclear airplanes, or in general on fission and fusion propulsion systems.

B. Because I worked on many classified programs and have visited 20 archives, I am in a better position than most to deal with the silly “Secrets can’t be kept” notions.

C. Because I have probably had to answer about 40,000 questions at lectures and on talk shows and in classes, I have been forced to think about the questions such as the “WHY?” questions, more than most.

D. I was very fortunate to be able to find that my memory was good and reliable (at least until recently) and I could give acceptable answers in a hurry. Being on debate teams in high school probably helped a lot. I have been very lucky, first to have worked on so many leading edge classified programs, and second to be able to provide so many presentations to attentive audiences.

Stanton Friedman


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